Increased Demonism in the USA

Exorcisms, demonism and paganism are on the rise in the USA, and most are totally unaware of this disturbing fact. Many engage in Satanic activities, without realizing the dangers. The Telegraph published an article on September 26, 2016, reporting on these frightening developments in the USA. At the same time, Roman Catholic “exorcists” engage in equally objectionable conduct, based on wrong doctrines, ideologies and mysticism. This program shows you the deception and explains the biblical truth.

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New Year’s Celebrations in Honor of Pagan Gods?

Pagans observed New Year’s on January 1 to honor their god Janus and the deified Julius Caesar. Christianity adopted the pagan celebrations in honor of Christ and “Saint Sylvester.” Many pagan rites and superstitions are clearly present in today’s observances. And January 1 has been reserved historically for persecutions of Jews and Sabbath-keeping Christians. So, should we keep New Year’s Day?

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Demonic Possession on the Rise?

The Telegraph reported on January 5, 2014, that according to the Catholic Church, demonic possession and exorcisms are on the rise. They say this is a result of more people dabbling in black magic, paganism, Satanic rites, Ouija boards, and even yoga. Is this true? What does the Bible say about the practice of casting out demons? Could it be that an apparent “exorcism” is nothing else but a demonic deception?

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