The USA and Britain are failing… who will replace them?

“Foreign Policy” wrote recently that the era of Washington’s unilateralism is over; but most do not recognize how much the worldwide influence of the USA and Great Britain has decreased. Who will play the most influential role on the world scene in the very near future? It is not China or Russia, as some feel. The true and surprising answer can be found in your Bible.

What the BIBLE Says on the Brexit Debacle

Much has been reported on present and future Brexit negotiations, the real or possible adoption of legally binding or not-binding deals, and further developments and potential outcomes. This can be confusing at times. This program will bring clarity and tell you what the Bible prophesies regarding the EU and Great Britain.

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America and Britain–Global Leaders No More!

“In 2017, Trump relinquished America’s 70-year role as global leader”; “The largest trend today is the decline of American influence”; “American leadership has reached its end”; “America’s power and global influence have plummeted like a stone”; “The United States is withdrawing from the world stage”; “The incredible shrinking Britain”; “Brexit has taken its toll on Britain’s foreign policy”; “The UK presence has been barely noticeable.” These quotes from several news articles show the declining role of the USA and the UK on the world scene. But who will fill the power vacuum? Some point at Russia and China. But the real future world leader is rising somewhere else.

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America at War

It was predictable. First air strikes in Iraq; then arming Syrian rebels; now air strikes in Syria. We have entered another war, which will be disastrous for America. Those who warn against this development, such as Senator Rand Paul, are ridiculed or ignored. Promises by the Obama Administration are being broken, “convictions” are changing, an indifferent and vacationing Congress does not seem to care; and most Americans support the actions of the government, even though they feel they won’t do any good. The Bible warns us that the end of our nation is in sight, and there are reasons for this. We offer our free booklet, “The Fall and Rise of Britain and America.”

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