And the Beast Is…

Many have tried to figure out who the beast is—that very charismatic end-time personage mentioned in the Book of Revelation. But what does the BIBLE tell us about the beast? How else is the beast referred to, and what are the national origins and characteristics of the beast? Where will the beast arise, and where not? And will everybody be able to recognize the beast?
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God’s Viewpoint on Transgender and Homosexual Individuals

Bradley Manning says that he is a woman and requests hormone therapy or sex-reassignment surgery. Students in California public schools can now choose their gender. California and New Jersey prohibit gay-conversion therapy for those under age 18. Chris Christie states that homosexuality is not a sin, and that gay people are born that way. Germany is the first European country allowing parents to opt out determining their baby’s gender to allow their children to choose later in life whether to become male or female. What does the Bible say about these developments?

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