Italy in Prophecy

Italy is in turmoil–again. Its 65th government after World War II has collapsed, and two parties with completely divergent viewpoints have formed the 66th government in an attempt to prevent far-right populist Matteo Salvini to stay in power.  But this new government might not last long, and Salvini, whom many have compared with Benito Mussolini, should not be counted out. What DOES the Bible say about Italy’s future? The answer might surprise you.

Why Italy Will NOT Leave the EU!

Even before Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi lost the constitutional referendum on December 4, 2016, many claimed that a euro exit (Itexit) was inevitable for Italy. Now, the voices of those uninformed “experts” have become louder, but they totally misinterpret and misrepresent the nature of the referendum, alleging that Mr. Renzi’s defeat was a victory of populists against the establishment and – even worse – a vote by the Italian people against the euro and the EU. It is high time that you learn the biblical truth of the matter.

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