Germany’s Troublesome Dependency on Russia

Historically, Germany’s relationship with Russia has been an odd one, ranging from “friendship” to financial and even military collaboration, reliance, appeasement, hostility and war. Today, it is no different. Germany’s current appeasement strategy is based, in part, on economic dependency from Russia. Nothing can show this more clearly than Germany’s conduct in the present conflict with Ukraine.  But Germany’s politics will have devastating consequences.

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Why the Devastating Floods in Europe?

CBS wrote on July 16 that “the scale of the disaster is unlike anything the area has seen in living memory—the worst deluge recorded in the region in more than 200 years…” Newsmax added on July 21 that thousands are still missing who are most likely dead. But why do disasters like these happen? Is it because of man-made global warming, or is the real cause overlooked? And once the cause is identified, do people respond and react in the right way?

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Europe and America–No Longer Friends!

Alarming reports from the Munich Security Conference 2020 read like this: “America and the EU live in parallel universes.” “There has never been such a rift before.” “Europe is further away from Washington than ever.” “There will be no return to close trans-Atlantic ties.” At the same time, Europe rediscovers its “need” to become a strong military power in the light of America’s “disengagement” from Europe and its “lack of commitment to Europe.” Where will all of this lead?

Israel Betrayed by USA and Forsaken by the World

“Obama Backstabs Israel.” With this headline, the Drudge Report introduced the Obama Administration’s decision to abstain from, rather than veto a resolution by the UN Security Council, condemning Israeli settlements. Israel, as well as US Democrats and Republicans, are outraged and are speaking of dire consequences. Most countries, including Germany, support the anti-Israel resolution. Why are these developments highly explosive in the light of biblical prophecy?


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Europe Reacts to Trump Election

Why is the Trump election prophetic in accordance with the Bible? In light of comments made by Donald Trump regarding NATO and his relationship with Vladimir Putin, Europe feels compelled to create an EU army. Germany is about to replace Joachim Gauck as the German President with “anti-Trump” Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, partly in response to the Trump election. Leading Jewish rabbis have asked Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin to get involved with the building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem–a move which would cause Europe to intervene militarily.

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The World Is Afraid of President Trump

Donald Trump will soon be the most powerful man in the world. Most did not anticipate this, and the world is shocked and concerned. How did all of this happen, and what does the future hold? Will the relationship between Europe and the USA deteriorate? Are the Great Tribulation and nuclear World War III coming?

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A New Order for the Middle East?

The Bible prophesies that when the US falls, Europe under German leadership will rise. This programs gives you up-to-date information on America’s declining influence in the Middle East and around the world, and Germany’s ambitious plans for a new order for that part of the world, citing security concerns for Europe. We are also addressing the potential of the return of the monarchy in Germany. We are offering you three of our free booklets related to this program, dealing with biblical prophecy.

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Russia in Biblical Prophecy

As Western powers continue to attempt to diffuse the volatile situation regarding Russia, Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula, what does the Bible have to say about Russia’s and Europe’s prophetic roles in these end times? Is a war prophesied between Russia and the USA prior to Christ’s return? Or do we read about a terrible war involving great nations such as Russia and China, as well as a strong European power bloc? This program as well as our completely free booklets, “Biblical Prophecy From Now Until Forever” and “The Ten Revivals of the Ancient Roman Empire” give you detailed answers from your Bible.

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