Please End the Pain of the Coronavirus Shutdown!

Do we “let the cure be worse than the problem itself”? President Trump thinks so. This program shows the dangerous consequences of governmental measures causing unparalleled suffering for our people and incredible damage to our economy, with fears of massive suicides and even civil war. Why is the public “asleep at the wheel,” when it comes to mounting violations of our constitutional rights and freedoms?

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The Pope Has No Answer!

During his travel to the Philippines, Pope Francis made some startling and unsettling comments. He warned Catholics not to breed like rabbits; admitted that he has no answer to the question of a little girl why children suffer; and said in response to the terrorist attack in France that one cannot make fun of faith without expecting a punch, and that every religion has its dignity. Why are all these comments deeply disturbing? We are offering our free booklet, “Human Suffering–Why… and How Much Longer?”

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