Fighting Terrorism and ISIS–But How?

The mass shootings in San Bernardino must be viewed as the latest terrorist attack in a whole series of never-ending atrocities. Even though ISIS did not claim direct responsibility, they applauded the carefully planned murders of 14 innocent victims as an heroic act. Western citizens and governments, including France, Great Britain and Germany, are prepared to engage militarily in the war against ISIS, but they are also painfully aware that they cannot rely on America’s leadership. What does the Bible tell us about the immediate future?

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Coming… A Unified European Army!

For a long time, Europe has been dreaming of a mighty united army, capable of intervening in “trouble spots” and becoming an undefeatable military force.

Now, in light of perceived Russian aggression, an unprecedented migrant crisis, and unparalleled terrorist attacks in Europe with ongoing real threats of future attacks, the realization of Europe’s desire for a powerful army and unified military action has drawn nearer than ever before. Also, voices in Germany for military involvement overseas are getting stronger.

The Bible says that these are important steps towards the fulfillment of end-time prophecies.

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