Putin—the Devil’s Tool

Many have pointed out the striking similarities between Hitler and Putin. Events did not occur accidentally in the life of Hitler, but were carefully designed by none other than Satan the Devil. The same is true today when focusing on Putin, but there is MORE!

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Putin’s War against Ukraine… How It Happened!

Putin has declared war on Ukraine and is proceeding against his neighbor with terrible force and devastation from all sides on the ground and in the air. NATO and the western nations, including the USA and Germany, have proven to be helpless and inactive. That Putin would invade Ukraine should not have come as a surprise to our leaders,  but nobody seemed to have been prepared. This program shows the chronology of events and points out what further prophetic events will unfold.

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Russian Invasion of Ukraine Inevitable?

Mounting tensions have been reported between Russia and Ukraine, with the West becoming increasingly concerned about the situation, while not really knowing as to what to do about it. With more than tens of thousands of Russian troops at the Ukrainian border, backed by tanks, armored vehicles, artillery and rocket batteries and apparently the largest mortar system in the world on its way, will Russia engage in a full-scale combat invasion of Ukraine? Will there be war between Russia and the West? How may all of this play out in the light of biblical prophecy?

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Will Russia Invade Eastern Ukraine?

When Russia invaded Crimea, many commentators were in shock and demanded a reversal. Recently, German governmental officials stated that no reversal is in sight, and that the international community has lost interest in demanding Russian departure from Crimea.

In addition, concerns are rising that Russia’s next step will be a military invasion of eastern Ukraine, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel made some controversial statements which alarmed those Ukrainians who do not want to be ruled by Russia.

For a biblical perspective on the matter, we are offering our free booklet, “Biblical Prophecy… From Now Until Forever.”

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