What if Britain Leaves Europe?

On June 23, the British people will decide in a referendum whether or not Britain will leave the EU. We know from Holy Scriptures that ultimately, a Brexit will occur. EU leaders have muzzled themselves, fearing that their involvement would hurt and not help those in Britain who want to stay. These fears are shared by David Cameron. This shows how unpopular the EU is in Britain, and how precarious the relationship has become between the EU and GB. IF and WHEN Britain leaves, who is destined to become the EU’s “financial center” and “capital of financial regulation”?
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Looking for a strong Leader

Focusing on the migrant crisis and ongoing terrorist attacks, people in the USA and in Europe are looking for a strong leader who will, “by force if necessary,” deal with “these devils who came to kill us.” According to the Bible, a strong leader will arise in Europe, but this will bring about events which many do not expect.

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Why Britain Will Leave the EU

The Church of God has proclaimed for many decades that Britain will leave Europe. Current events strongly suggest that the moment of Britain’s departure from the EU is not far away. Der Spiegel wrote that Europe must choose democracy over Britain. The Guardian reported that Britain’s conduct “is getting on a lot of German’s nerves,” and that the “UK’s relationship with the EU has reached a breaking point.” How could anybody know this more than 40 or even 70 years ago? In this program, we offer free copies of our booklets, “The Fall and Rise of Britain and America” and “The Ten European Revivals of the Ancient Roman Empire.”

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