How NOT to Stop Donald Trump!

All attempts to stop Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee have failed so far. In fact, they have backfired. Even though the recent events in Chicago have been terribly misrepresented by the mainstream media, they only helped Trump to gain popularity. The “organized institutional left” and the GOP establishment are “unified” in their attempts to fight Trump, but without any apparent success. Will the GOP risk a break-up of their own party at a contested or brokered convention in July, by deciding against Trump and the will of the Republican voters?  Whom do people actually vote for? Do they vote for a candidate or a delegate, and what is the huge difference? Will America become great again? The Bible says it will, and we explain what is going to happen in our free booklet, “The Fall and Rise of Britain and America.”

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Wrong Political Opinions and Your Reaction

US political candidates have begun their battle for the presidency, while uttering opinions which are totally opposed to the Holy Scriptures. What is your reaction when you hear those comments, or when you see how the nation is descending further and further into the abyss of lawlessness and ungodliness? Are you indifferent about it, thinking it does not matter? The Bible tells us unequivocally what are abominations in God’s eyes, and He pronounces severe punishment on such conduct. We are also clearly informed as to how we, as Christians, must behave when we are confronted with transgressions of God’s Law.

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