Trump’s Birther Movement–Why It Still Matters!

After years of criticism, Donald Trump stated last week, without any explanation, that President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Subsequently, he seemed to reverse that statement. Serious doubts remain, and the issue is far from resolved. Why does it matter? What is the assessment of many legal scholars IF it should be shown that Mr. Obama was not born in Hawaii?

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America’s War in the Middle East

The war of America and its allies in the Middle East presents a picture of utmost confusion. Arabs are bombing and fighting each other, while America is in the middle of it. At the same time, the relationship between President Obama and the state of Israel is deteriorating rapidly, which is due, according to some view points, to Obama’s love of Islam and his dislike of Israel. In addition, there is no more special relationship between the USA and the UK. America’s influence is dwindling, and the vacuum will be filled by a mighty European power bloc under German leadership. We are offering you our free booklet, “Europe in Prophecy.”

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