The Destruction of Germany

In the Old Testament book of Nahum, the destruction of the ancient city of Nineveh—capital of the Assyrian Empire—is described in vivid detail. But the prophet Nahum is foremost speaking about the coming destruction of modern Germany. The specific description of Germany’s fate is sobering. At the same time, it reveals much about God’s character.

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Economic Crash in 2020? – Comments on News and Prophecy (December 28, 2019)

Many speak about a booming economy, especially in the USA, but others speak of “the mother of all bubbles” and warn of a crash of unparalleled proportions in 2020 due to a broken and rotten economy which is only held together superficially on the surface. Who is right? Are we already in a worldwide recession, as some contend? How long can a country survive with a $1.4 trillion federal government spending package for 2020 and American spending of $1 trillion during the Christmas season of 2019? What does the Bible say about a coming worldwide depression and a total collapse of our global economy?

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The Storm in Europe Has Just Begun!

What does the Bible say about Europe’s future? And how will it affect YOU personally… especially, if you live in the USA and the UK? Current developments in continental Europe show that we are nearing the prophetic crescendo just prior to Christ’s return… but most news articles do not even begin to realize what is happening, and many political speculations will prove to be erroneous.

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Why Approval of Same-Sex Marriages?

The recent change of public opinion regarding same-sex or gay marriages caps “one of the fastest civil rights shifts in US history” (Time). As late as “2010, a majority of Americans opposed them” (New York Times). “12 years ago, gay marriages did not exist anywhere in the world” (Der Spiegel). Why this rapid shift? After all, “only three per cent of America’s population is homosexual” (Canada Free Press). Why are Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Baptist Minister Mike Huckabee or Jewish Orthodox Rabbi Yoel Schoenfeld in the minority, when they state that marriage is biblically defined as an exclusive lifelong union between one man and one woman? Why does Rush Limbaugh feel that the gay marriage movement cannot be stopped, and why does Fox moderator Bill O’Reilly scorn at those who use arguments from the Bible to speak out against same-sex marriages? Is the destruction of “American Babylon” inevitable, and can only the arrival of the Messiah help us?

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