Pentecost 2016–God’s Feast of the Firstfruits

Why do we celebrate Pentecost this year on June 12? What is the meaning of “Pentecost”? Why is it also called “Feast of Weeks” and “Feast of Firstfruits”? In light of Leviticus 23, when did the priest wave the sheaf of the firstfruits, and when did he wave the two loaves of leavened bread, which were also called firstfruits? What was the symbolic meaning of the sheaf and the two breads? Is Jesus the first who was resurrected from death to eternal life? Are there only few people today who are being called into the truth? Are they called firstfruits? Do they have to be predestined by God to be called in this day and age? In light of God’s Spirit of power, is there a guarantee that called Christians will inherit salvation?

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