The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ

During the Passover night, when He was betrayed, Jesus Christ introduced the new symbols of bread and wine. He said much about it, and much happened during the next day of Passover, which is very confusing to most people. Are we allowed to partake of the “communion” or the “Lord’s supper” at any time? Do the bread and the wine change on that occasion to the body and blood of Christ? Did Jesus say during the Passover night that He would eat no bread and drink no wine until His return to this earth? Exactly how did Jesus die on the cross? And in what way was His body broken, and what does this mean for us today?

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Alcoholism in the Bible

What does the Bible say about alcoholism and alcohol addiction? Do we understand the physical and spiritual dangers which could prevent us from entering the Kingdom of God? Are there any particular admonitions and prohibitions for those in religious and political authority, ministers and church members? Are you addicted to alcohol? How much may be too much?

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Catholics and Protestants… Divided or United?

About 500 years after the Reformation, the Catholic Church and the Protestant denominations or Evangelicals are still divided. But how divided are they really? In this program, we discuss eight major divisions, while showing that Catholics and Protestants are mostly unified in doctrine and practice, which are opposed to and in violation of the Word of God, the Bible.

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