Weak German Government under Attack

The world disapproves of Germany’s conduct towards Ukraine. Germany’s chancellor Olaf Scholz is considered as being weak and indecisive, and far too much beholden to Putin. What does this mean for Germany’s future?

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Putin’s War against Ukraine… How It Happened!

Putin has declared war on Ukraine and is proceeding against his neighbor with terrible force and devastation from all sides on the ground and in the air. NATO and the western nations, including the USA and Germany, have proven to be helpless and inactive. That Putin would invade Ukraine should not have come as a surprise to our leaders,  but nobody seemed to have been prepared. This program shows the chronology of events and points out what further prophetic events will unfold.

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The World in Turmoil-Comments on News and Prophecy—January 8, 2022

Europe and especially Austria, France, Italy and Germany are becoming more and more autocratic and dictatorial, but this is also true for other democratic nations, including Australia, Canada and the USA. While Russia has been anxious to “help” the dictatorial government of Kazakhstan by sending troops into the troubled region, controversial information and opinions are being disseminated from many different sources within the USA, including from some US Supreme Court Judges. Further, after a relatively short calm, the fight and exchange of strong accusations between Biden and Trump have again reached dangerous proportions.

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“The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated”

How do governmental officials all over the world try to deal with those who have not been vaccinated against the corona virus? Of course, there have been lockdowns or severe restrictions of movement and access to facilities; there has been the push for mandatory vaccinations, and there have been arrests of unvaccinated persons who showed their faces in public, but this program will address mainly the verbal abuse by governmental leaders and others which has become more and more common.
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Europe’s Threats Get Louder and Its Actions More Worrisome!

The EU is destined to become a most powerful political and even military bloc, and its most recent threats against other countries and its actions are becoming more and more frightening and worrisome. This program discusses Europe’s threats against the USA, the UK and prospective EU member states, as well as French and German military ambitions in view of the ongoing demise of NATO. Biblical prophecy IS marching on.

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Europe—the Coming New Superpower

Europe is becoming the world’s new superpower. Most do not understand or are aware of this fact. This program shows the most recent “new reality,” which, as one article puts it, is occurring with “a speed that should alarm policymakers in Washington.”

Comments on News and Prophecy (November 24, 2018)

In this edition, we are addressing Europe’s desire for creating a powerful army and core Europe’s last revival of the ancient Roman Empire; the ongoing Brexit debacle with no good solutions for the UK; the future of Gibraltar; the false alternative Temple Theory and Israel’s desire of building a massive third temple on the Temple Mount; the non-exiting German-Israeli Friendship and Europe’s growing anti-Semitism; the Church of God’s debt of gratitude towards the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals; the European arms embargo on Saudi Arabia; and the curse of rising nationalism.

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NO! The Holy Roman Empire Is NOT Dead!

The Bible shows us, and history confirms, that after the fall of Rome, the ancient Roman Empire (later known as the Holy Roman Empire) would revive numerous times. The last and final revival is happening right now in Europe. Recent news articles, totally oblivious to biblical teaching and prophecy, nevertheless confirm that the concept of the Holy Roman Empire is not dead at all. However, the devastating and terribly destructive consequences of nuclear war, following the last European revival, are mainly overlooked. Do YOU know what is going to happen on the world scene within a very few years from now?

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