Israel’s Elections; Attack on Saudi Arabia Oil Plant; and Nuclear War in Europe–Comments on News and Prophecy, September 21, 2019

Netanyahu is fighting for his political survival; while the USA is wavering in its response to Iran’s perceived attack on Saudi Arabia. Europe blames President Trump for the current escalation. We also discuss China’s and Russia’s influence in Iran; Europe’s revival of the Roman Empire and its coming destruction in a nuclear war; Russia’s ongoing persecution of the Jehovah’s Witnesses; the future of Italy’s ultra-right politician Matteo Salvini and the growing popularity of Germany’s ultra-right AfD party; America’s mistrust in the press; the blackface nonsense; and Trump’s attempts to instigate an Ukrainian investigation of Joe’s Biden’s son Hunter.

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Will Horrific Mass Shootings Ever Stop?

Another terrible school shooting, this time in Florida, begs the question as to whether politicians will finally be willing to do something about those senseless murders. The statistics of gun violence in the USA is alarming and abominable. But what can be done to prevent further atrocities to occur? Many “solutions” are proposed, but even though some may help to some extent, none does address the underlying problem and none will bring a lasting substantive solution. However, there is a way, but for now, it is being rejected. And so, we are going to hear of more and more murders by mentally disturbed and demon-possessed perpetrators.

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The Trump Phenomenon-How To Explain It!

No matter what Donald Trump is saying or doing, he has so far emerged as the uncontested winner in just about every battle or controversy, and his popularity is rising. Why is this so? How can the Trump phenomenon be explained? Could it be that God has a hand in it, and that events are taking place to fulfill biblical prophecy for the end time? It is important that you know the truth.

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