Meet the Real Stephen Bannon

Is Stephen Bannon really the second most powerful man in Washington? If so, who is Mr. Bannon? Why are many concerned? This program will quote some of his most controversial statements, as reported in the American, British and Israeli press.  And it encourages you to look at the facts objectively, in the light of biblical prophecy.

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Prophetic Developments in the USA and Europe

What are the facts behind President Trump’s executive immigration order regarding a “travel ban,” and its worldwide condemnation? Why did a federal court temporarily block the ban? Why do we in God’s Church report about these events? Do they have prophetic significance? And are some, if not many members still too much involved in this political world?

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The World Condemns Trump—Why?

America is in turmoil. In less than two weeks, President Donald Trump, due to controversial executive orders, has turned the world upside down. This program discusses in detail his order and its practical application pertaining to refugees, immigrants and non-immigrants from designated countries, which has been described by some as a Muslim travel ban. Great uncertainties developed regarding green card holders and persons with dual citizenship, as well as persons with non-immigrant visas.  Major American tech firms oppose the order, as do many Jews and virtually all countries around the world. Federal Courts have issued temporary restraining orders pertaining to most of the new rules, but will they be followed? Especially the European reaction has been very forceful, which is telling in the light of biblical prophecy.

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