Does God Bless Our Christmas Celebrations?

Ninety percent of Americans celebrate Christmas, but only a slight majority observe it as a religious holiday. Many who keep Christmas do not even believe in the virgin birth. In many countries, a demonic creature is celebrated around this time of year, which has become popular in the USA as well. Did you know that Christmas was not an official holiday in the USA until after the Civil War? Why is there so much anxiety, grief, depression, increase of heart attacks and alcoholism associated with Christmas? And why do we, as a Christian nation, willfully lie to our children about it and become upset with those who tell the Truth?

True Origin of Christmas Customs

Why do we sing Christmas carols? Why did the Catholic Church ban them in the past? Why do we exchange gifts on Christmas? Who is the real Santa Claus? Why do we use Christmas candles? What is the origin of the Christmas tree? What do pagan beliefs in tree spirits have to do with Christmas? Our free booklet, “Don’t Keep Christmas,” answers these and many more questions. It shows you what God, in His Bible, has to say about all of this.

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