Trump’s National Emergency… Will It Work?

After grudgingly signing the bi-partisan congressional “deal,” which gave him only a fraction of the desired funds for building a wall or barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border, President Trump also declared a national emergency with the intent to reallocate funds to finance the building of the wall. While legal scholars and politicians question the constitutionally of such a move, others point at the laws, arguably allowing him to relocate funds in certain respects. On February 15, President Trump explained in detail his rationale for his national emergency declaration and the reallocation of funds. What will happen next?

Comments on News and Prophecy (November 24, 2018)

In this edition, we are addressing Europe’s desire for creating a powerful army and core Europe’s last revival of the ancient Roman Empire; the ongoing Brexit debacle with no good solutions for the UK; the future of Gibraltar; the false alternative Temple Theory and Israel’s desire of building a massive third temple on the Temple Mount; the non-exiting German-Israeli Friendship and Europe’s growing anti-Semitism; the Church of God’s debt of gratitude towards the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals; the European arms embargo on Saudi Arabia; and the curse of rising nationalism.

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Obama’s Flat Earth

Does the Obama Administration believe in a flat earth concept? If not, why this title? Could it be that their politics reflect the same kind of wrong principles which can be seen in the flat earth conspiracy?  In this program, we will give you five recent examples confirming this suspicion, from perceived misrepresentations about paying ransom money to Iran; incredible American abrogation of the Internet; broken promises to the people of Syria; absurd rulings regarding medical Marijuana; and the incompetent concept of Obamacare. But will the American people experience a substantial change in January?

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