Will America Help Israel Against Iran?

As Joe Biden visits Israel, hopes are high that a close relationship between America and Israel against Iran will be established and maintained. Lip services are clearly given to this effect, but how reliable is this “unshakable commitment”? Radical differences in approach have already been revealed. When push comes to shove, will America or any other nation help Israel, or will Israel be left in the cold?

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The Iranian Challenge

Talks on Iran’s nuclear program have been extended for seven months, giving Iran more time to develop a nuclear bomb. While Iran celebrates the extension as a victory and scoffs at Presiding Obama’s weakness, Israel is seriously considering a preemptive military strike against Iran. At the same time, Iran needs the support of the West against ISIS-not the other way around. The Bible shows that World War III will begin in the Middle East, and that Christ must and will return very soon to prevent mankind from annihilating all life on this planet and to usher in a beautiful new age of peace and freedom. We should be truly thankful to God for this. We are offering three free booklets: “Europe in Prophecy,” “The Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord,” and “Biblical Prophecy-From Now Until Forever.”

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