Why the Hatred for Israel and God’s Law?

On January 4, 2017, The Washington Post wrote about reasons for the world’s hatred of the state of Israel and the Jews; and one of these reasons explains why especially “traditional” Christianity teaches that Christ came to do away with the Law of God and to replace it with “grace.” If YOU believe in this deceptive concept, it may lead to YOUR physical death in the near future, and ultimately, to your eternal death. Our free booklet, “God’s Law… or God’s Grace?” shows you the TRUTH from the BIBLE which you MUST know in order to survive the terrible times ahead of us.

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Russia Threatens America with Nuclear War

The Russian media, which is sponsored by the government, “issued a chilling warning” that nuclear war with the West “could be imminent.” We must not take these warnings lightly, because events in Russia show that Mr. Putin is very serious. According to the Bible, there WILL be a nuclear Third World War, with catastrophic consequences for the entire planet. God tells us who will be involved, as friends and as enemies.

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