Germany’s Weak and Failing Government!

Why is it important that you understand how weak Germany’s government under Chancellor Olaf Scholz is, and how the chancellor’s conduct has contributed to a strong dissatisfaction of the German people with him and his divided coalition? What did Herr Scholz do (or not do) which led to this reaction? And how can one explain, among many other things, his repeated “lack of instinct” in respect to the scandal with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Germany’s continued financial support of the Palestinian Authority; and Scholz’s “lack of memory,” when being accused of having collaborated, as local mayor, with a Bank in Germany to engage in tax evasion? Is Germany’s government on its way out?

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Bombshell News—Coming…The Third Temple and Animal Sacrifices in Israel

The mainstream media missed a shocking aspect of Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Yisrael Katz’s speech in front of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, which has been described as an “absolute bombshell.” Was Katz, a direct descendant of Aaron the priest, advocating and announcing the prophesied building of the Third Temple and the commencement of animal sacrifices?

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