China on the Warpath—Comments on News and Prophecy, August 6, 2022

Was Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban correct with his recent comments about human races? Why are new conditions after COVID shots and Fauci’s misinformation alarming, and why are Germany’s new Corona restrictions so stupid? In what way did Biden’s monumental failure contribute to the terrible situation in Afghanistan; and what did Pelosi’s visit in Taiwan trigger regarding China? Frightening news from China may signal a Chinese military strike on US forces in the region. What would or could the USA do in such a case?

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Soon! The Bible Prophesies WAR Between Europe and the USA!

Even though this might still be difficult or even impossible for many to comprehend, the Bible clearly reveals that prior to Christ’s return, a terrible war will be fought between Europe and the USA. Reviewing the facts, we can see that preparatory movements are already in place to bring about what Scripture calls the “Great Tribulation.” Without taking any political position, we are just telling you what God’s Word is revealing to you, and if Jesus were not to return to shorten those coming days, no human being would survive.

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