The Return of Donald Trump

Apart from occasional short comments, Donald Trump was at first pretty quiet after Joe Biden’s inauguration and Trump’s departure from Washington to his estate in Florida. But beginning with the end of January, a remarkable change could be observed. Trump began to be back in the spotlight, and it seems, he has become more popular and influential than ever. It would be naïve and a grave mistake to think that we have heard the last word and seen the last action from Trump.

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Germany and the USA… What Next?

The meeting between Angela Merkel and Donald Trump was not great. The two leaders could not have been more contradictory and showed little common ground. They could not disguise the gulf that separates them. What does this mean for the future relationship between the USA and Europe under German leadership? The Bible tells us very clearly what is going to happen… very soon.

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Pope Francis’ Fight with the Vatican

It has been almost a recent routine by the Vatican to ignore, dispute or “clarify” something that Pope Francis has (allegedly) said. This includes statements about communism, homosexuality, divorce and remarriage, and whether animals go to heaven when they die. Pope Francis is also involving himself more and more in political affairs, such as the relationship between the USA and Cuba. His popularity is enormous, especially in Europe, due to his charming appearance. His most recent strong attack against the Curia has been described as “without historic precedent” and “one last warning before a direct confrontation.” A spokesman for the Vatican has also referred to him as a “prophet.” What can we expect to occur in the future? We offer two free booklets, “Do We Have an Immortal Soul?” and “Man’s Holidays or God’s Holy Days?”

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