The Omnibus Bill—An Insane Way to Run the Country

In this program, we address the omnibus bill as an example for the “insane way” of Congress to run the nation; recite a new and up-to-date version of an old Christmas poem; and end with a sincere blessing for all of our viewers.

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Opposites Don’t Attract

Because of ignorance and uncertainty, thinking that “the law” has been done away with, we have what we have today: people doing as they please, keeping holidays which are not from God, abusing their bodies in ways which are shameful in God’s eyes, giving into sin and deceit, and forsaking God’s specific commands on how to live a Godly life.  What does the Bible actually say when it comes to “the law” and in what way are we to do the opposite from what the world in general justifies in their own eyes?

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