America in Crisis–Voter Fraud, Lockdowns and Harmful Vaccinations

The evidence of voter fraud in the last Presidential election is mounting, while the mass media is unwilling to admit this fact, thereby “damaging trust in America’s democracy.” Lockdowns are on the rise again, even though it has been claimed that they do not work… and that they destroy the physical and spiritual wellbeing of many thousands of people. The new COVID-19 vaccines will produce side-effects which some medical experts declare as being normal, while others call the vaccines a crime against humanity, as they will allegedly cause genetic defects, due to genetic manipulation.  We are also speaking about the assassination of Iran’s leading scientist and discuss why this happened now… and who might have been behind it.


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Are You Prepared for Civil War?

We are facing numerous challenges, all of which can lead or have already led to violence, but the outcome may not only be civil unrest, but also civil war. This program discusses some of the current challenges, from the contested US election and racism to coronavirus restrictions, which, taken together, are turning the US into a “powder-keg” and creating a perfect storm; and it presents an astonishing and frightening lesson from history. Are you prepared for what might be coming very soon?

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US Foreign Policy Worse Than Ever Before!

The discussions about the “deal” between the USA and Iran are ongoing. America is accused of being weak and pursuing a policy of appeasement that emboldens Iran, while antagonizing Israel. The “deal” does not address Iran’s terrorist activities nor its desire to eradicate Israel, and President Obama and his administration are charged with creating an unbelievable Middle East powder keg, setting the stage for an unprecedented conflict. America’s downfall is inevitable, and the vacuum will be filled by other nations, according to biblical prophecy.

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