Understanding the Work of God

Is there a Work of God today? If so, what is it? Or, has the Work of God ended? Will it ever end? Is there a connection between the Work of God and the creation of man, the building of the tabernacle and the temple, the appearance of Jesus Christ as a Man, the Sabbath and the preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom of God? How can you have a part in the Work of God? The Bible gives us astonishing answers and contradicts common beliefs about the Work of God.

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Russia’s Persecution of Minority Christians

On July 6, Vladimir Putin signed a law against terrorism which prohibits major activities of minority Christians in Russia, including sharing one’s belief online; praying at home in the presence of an “unbeliever”; or answering questions of an “unbelieving” co-worker about the Christian faith. Many more Christian activities are now punishable under this new law, which is without doubt inspired by Satan. But apart from a few Christian papers and websites, neither the US President or the White House, nor the left-liberal and conservative media have reported about these appalling atrocities in Russia.

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