How God Views the 2018 NATO Summit

It started with a bang. President Trump voiced his strong objections to Germany’s plan to build a pipeline with Russia that would bring gas from Russia to Germany, thereby becoming dependent on and being held captive by Russia. Mr. Trump is not alone with his criticism of Germany. In addition, he chided NATO members, especially Germany, for not paying enough to NATO, comparing it with the huge amount which the USA provides. Disagreements exist as to what was really committed to during the summit. Fears have resurfaced that the USA may leave NATO and withdraw its troops from Europe, especially Germany. What DOES the Bible say about these developments?

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Germany in Panic Mood

The German government is contemplating highly unpopular measures of civil defense and military actions, due to perceived or real threats facing the country’s very existence. These measures have a direct relationship to biblical prophecy. In addition, European leaders from Germany, France and Italy are pressing ahead for increased cooperation on defense and the establishment of a European Army.

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