Are Anti-Semitism and Anti-Americanism Connected?

The Algemeiner wrote on May 20: “… it’s often the case that where you find anti-Semitism, you will also find an associated anti-Americanism.” Why is this so, and how do both forms of prejudice manifest themselves? The article uses Britain’s hard-left Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn as a prime example. In addition, there is a third form of prejudice which is closely connected with anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism. Which is it, and why is there such a connection?

Russia’s and China’s Dangerous Dictatorships

What can we expect from Vladimir Putin’s and Xi Jinping’s ongoing dictatorial military ambitions and actions? Are they in fact a threat to the Western world, including Europe and the USA? What, if anything, do events in Russia and China have to do with biblical prophecy?

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Can Worldwide Terror Be Stopped?

Just in the month of July alone, several terror attacks have been happening in Europe. While Democrats in the US don’t even offer any solutions, some Republicans discuss certain plans, but how practical and successful would they be? All suggestions overlook the only true solution for the end of worldwide terror attacks.


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Russia’s Persecution of Minority Christians

On July 6, Vladimir Putin signed a law against terrorism which prohibits major activities of minority Christians in Russia, including sharing one’s belief online; praying at home in the presence of an “unbeliever”; or answering questions of an “unbelieving” co-worker about the Christian faith. Many more Christian activities are now punishable under this new law, which is without doubt inspired by Satan. But apart from a few Christian papers and websites, neither the US President or the White House, nor the left-liberal and conservative media have reported about these appalling atrocities in Russia.

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Why the West Is to Be Blamed for ISIS Terror Attacks

The ISIS terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium, have reinforced the conviction of many observers that the Western world has utterly failed in its fight against radical Islam. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are at the forefront of blame and criticism, especially regarding their mishandling of the “disastrous” migrant crises, the “uncontrollable” war in Syria and the “ill-advised” Iran deal. How did Western leaders contribute to the rise of ISIS? Will we see further terrorist attacks in Europe and in the USA? In this program, we show you from the Bible WHY we find ourselves in such a precarious situation. We also offer you a free booklet, explaining Old Testament prophesies for our modern time.

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Political Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

The decision of the US Supreme Court, to grant “gay and lesbian Americans” the “right to marry as any other couple,” has been viewed as dangerous political manipulation, which violates the clear language of the Constitution and the declared will of the founding fathers. President Obama and Hillary Clinton enthusiastically welcomed the decision, but until recently, they had strongly opposed same-sex marriages. Former Governor Mike Huckabee called the ruling an “out-of-control act of unconstitutional, judicial tyranny.” Time magazine wrote that orthodox Christians are now “exiles in [their] own country,” and that the Supreme Court declared the “decline and fall” of America’s “social, political and legal order.” What can Christians do in light of such abominations?

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Corruption and Lies in Satan’s World

We are living in a corrupt world, which is ruled by Satan the Devil. This program will give you recent examples of lies, deceit, corruption and delusion in the field of worldwide soccer or football; the controversial NSA Data Collection program; the false idea of America’s good reputation in the world; an incredibly hateful Muslim sermon on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem; the unrealized danger of transgender identity; the push for female pronouns to identify the Christian God; and the hot debate on same-sex marriages in Germany. We are offering a free subscription to our weekly Update and a free copy of our booklet, “Human Suffering…Why, and How Much Longer?”

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America’s Disastrous Domestic and Foreign Policies

The domestic and foreign policy of the USA is a total and complete disaster. In this program, we quote many liberal and conservative national and international voices, showing the “declining American influence and commitment in the Middle East,” the “incompetence” of the President; and his lack of “vision or power,” while putting “politics and ideology ahead of preserving hard-won gains.” They state that while America is “alienating its friends,” “the ruins of American foreign policy” are observable everywhere. Why is America in such an unprecedented hopeless state?

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America Has Won Its Last War!

Until his death in 1986, Herbert W. Armstrong proclaimed many times that with World War II, America had won its last war. Was he right? A remarkable recent article in the Huffington Post confirms his prediction. But how did he know, and why has America been so unsuccessful? And why is it so powerless today in regard to the present disastrous conditions in Iraq and the speedy advance of militant Islamist groups, such as ISIS and ISIL? Your Bible gives you the answers, and our booklets help you to understand. On this program, we offer free copies of “The Fall and Rise of Britain and America,” “Should You Fight in War?” and “Old Testament Laws-Still Valid Today?”

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