Time to build the Third Temple in the face of Violence?

Serious violence broke out at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during Passover, coinciding with Easter and Ramadan, followed by an exchange of rockets between Hamas and Israel. The Jerusalem Post published an article with the headline: “When Blood Spills on Passover and Easter, it’s Time to Build the Temple.” But is this true? Has the time come to build the Third Temple? And what would the consequences be? This program raises many questions in the light of biblical prophecy.

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Violence in Israel—Is this the End?

Why did the al-Aqsa mosque incidents spark the explosion of violence? What connection is there to the prophesied building of the third temple on the Temple Mount? Why are the current developments in Jerusalem and Israel not yet THE war which would annihilate mankind, unless Christ was to return to shorten these days? Who are the elect for whom Christ will return, and why are the Jews and nominal Christians not those elect?

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Holy War in Israel and a European Army—Comments on News and Prophecy, May 8, 2021

The current violent situation in Jerusalem and the formation of a European Army are to be seen in a dark and foreboding context of prophesied events which will culminate in unspeakable misery and pain. Combined with the final emerging of the mark of the beast, the ongoing suppression of free speech and the rejection and persecution of Christian values in many “civilized” countries, we ought to realize that Christ’s return could not be that far off.

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Netanyahu Is Here to Stay… Why?

An important deal has been reached in Israel with wide-ranging prophetic consequences. Why is this deal so significant in regard to Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, as well as events which have been prophesied thousands of years ago in your Bible?

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World War III and Christ’s Return

Jesus warned that just prior to His Second Coming, an all-encompassing World War would threaten the very survival of mankind. We are living in those times today. Just this week, numerous articles were published, showing how World War III could begin… and where! While the world is asleep and its leaders are like sleepwalkers, reality paints a terrible picture. You NEED to know what is REALLY happening! We offer our free booklet, “Biblical Prophecy–From Now Until Forever.”

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