How Near Is Christ’s Return?

One of the reasons that we know that Christ’s Second Coming is just around the corner is the fact that the Jews are anxious to build the third temple in Jerusalem. An interesting case in India might be used as compelling precedence for removing the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa mosque. America’s new policy stating that Israel’s settlements are not illegal was rejected by the EU and the Vatican and will also contribute to turmoil in the Middle East, especially in light of Israel’s plans to annex the Jordan Valley. Finally, the anointing by a Jewish Rabbi of President Trump as King constitutes for some the necessary fulfillment of a command in the Talmud, leading to the Coming of the Messiah.

Good News! Many Americans Don’t Believe in Evolution!

According to the Huffington Post, dated December 30, 2013, thirty-three percent of Americans reject evolution. And among Americans who accept the concept of evolution, a quarter said that a Supreme Being guided the process. Still, when we believe God’s Holy Word, evolution in any form is to be rejected. In fact, scientists admit that there is no proof that evolution occurred. The truth is that animals did not evolve from one species to another, and man did not evolve from animals, nor is man an animal. Our free booklet, “The Theory of Evolution-a Fairy Tale for Adults?,” explains why this is. Another one of our free booklets, “The Authority of the Bible,” gives you proof as to why God’s written Word is infallible.

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