Do You Keep Satan’s Feast of Halloween?

Do you know that Halloween is evil and demonic to the core, and a most important day for Devil worshippers and Satanists? If you participate in it in any way and induce others to do so, you stand condemned by God who is not mocked. The biblical warning is clear and unambiguous.

But Isn’t Halloween just Harmless Fun…?

Not, if you consider its origin and the fact that today’s Halloween is THE most important RELIGIOUS feast for Satanists and witches. Do you really want your children to observe this festival together with worshippers of Satan? This program should open your eyes.

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Worshipping Satan on Halloween

Most Brits don’t believe anymore that they must refrain from worshipping idols or other gods. The Vatican is in uproar over the liberalism of Pope Francis. What do these developments have to do with Halloween? What is the origin of Halloween? Is there a connection between Halloween and All Hallows Eve? Pope Gregory III tried to transform Halloween, and evil Samhain practices were adapted by the church into a tradition called “souling.” But can you make something “Christian” which is thoroughly Satanic?

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How Weird Is Halloween?

The Huffington Post wrote recently: “You may already think that Halloween is a pretty bizarre holiday… chances are you really have no idea just how weird Halloween truly is.” And it is indeed. This program gives you some little-known facts about the absolutely ridiculous and grotesque origin of this strange holiday. But it is not harmless by any means. In fact, getting involved in Halloween could become dangerous and even devastating for you and your loved ones. We offer our free booklet, “Man’s Holidays and God’s Holy Days.”

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