Limited Version of Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban Takes Effect

With the controversial decision on the revised travel ban, the United States Supreme Court has set the stage for much more drastic and troublesome events to follow. What exactly is permitted and prohibited regarding tourists, business people, family members and refugees? Will citizens from European nations be affected in the future? The Bible shows us that TERRIBLE times of hostility are just around the corner.

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A New Order for the Middle East?

The Bible prophesies that when the US falls, Europe under German leadership will rise. This programs gives you up-to-date information on America’s declining influence in the Middle East and around the world, and Germany’s ambitious plans for a new order for that part of the world, citing security concerns for Europe. We are also addressing the potential of the return of the monarchy in Germany. We are offering you three of our free booklets related to this program, dealing with biblical prophecy.

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Becoming Surety for a Friend?

What does the Bible say about becoming surety for another person, including your neighbor or your friend, or about co-signing a loan or a guarantee agreement? Should you provide financial security or collateral for another person? Don’t be too sure that you know the answer, because many well-meaning persons have acted wrongly to their own hurt, while bringing many sleepless nights and even financial ruin on themselves and their family. We are offering two free booklets on this program, which deal with sound financial principles.

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