Satan’s Attack in Orlando

The demonical terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, must be strongly condemned by every true Christian. At the same time, we must be careful that we do not fall into Satan’s trap who may induce us, due to our justified sympathy for the many victims, to support the entire homosexual lifestyle. In addition, evidence is building that the jihadist was himself gay or had “gay tendencies”– a development which the left-liberal press would like to suppress. Our free booklet, “Punishment for Our Sins,” makes clear that God will punish severely the senseless acts or terrorists and mass murderers.

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Radical Islam, Terrorism and the Bible

A movement in Germany has mainstream politicians in arms. Weekly “PEGIDA” demonstrations in Dresden and other cities against “Islamization” are opposed by left-liberal groups, Muslims, Christian churches and others, even though their criticism may only contribute to the growing popularity of the movement. The most recent terrorist attacks in France have been interpreted quite differently, depending on who has reported them. Does the Koran command, allow or prohibit the murder of those who “insult’ Mohammed? What does the Bible have to say about Europe’s future role regarding Muslim countries and terrorism in general? We are offering two free booklets, “Biblical Prophecy-From Now Until Forever” and “When and How Will Christ Return?”

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