What does the BIBLE say about Russia’s future?

What are Russia’s real goals in Kazakhstan? What is the importance of the military alliance between Russia and four other Russian-controlled nations? Will Russia succeed with Putin’s desire to resurrect the former Soviet Union? What does the Bible tell us about a collaboration between Russia and other Far Eastern nations, including China? Who will be behind these developments? What is the significance of a huge army from the East, prophesied in the book of Revelation?  Who is actually ruling today all the kingdoms and nations of this world? Why are we to pray to God the Father: YOUR Kingdom come?

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How to Cope with Trials in the Light of Prophecy and Christ’s Return

All of us have problems and trials and are oftentimes victims of persecution. Do our problems seem to be overwhelming and unique? Even though Satan is the author of persecution, which is increasing as he knows that his time is short, God will always help us to be victorious. But how can we know that Christ’s return is near? Not by focusing on wrong speculations, but by accepting the clear word of biblical prophecy. And since we know that our time is short, what are we to do now?

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What’s Next for America and Europe?


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In these times of anxiety, war, terrorism and lack of Western leadership, we might wonder whether the Bible tells us with certainty as to what the future holds for America and Europe. Will America become great again and return to its former glory? Will the migrant crisis destroy and end the European unification? Will the UK leave the EU? Will Europe always be America’s and Israel’s friend and ally? Surprising developments for the near future paint an astonishing and deeply disturbing picture.

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