Joseph in Egypt and God’s Incredible Work in our Lives

God is with us, no matter in what situation we might be. If we go through a valley of death, through scourging fire, through howling wind or through overflowing water, God is right there with us. God works in our lives in mysterious ways and brings about events which we would not have believed to be possible. We find a very vivid and compelling example in the life of Joseph, one of the sons of Jacob or Israel.

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What’s Next in Prophecy?

“Migrants Face Deportations and Wall in Europe”; “Will EU Nationals Have the right to Stay in the UK after Brexit?”; “German’s foreign intelligence agency spied on foreign journalists”; “media is the enemy of the American people”; “Keystone pipeline and American steel”; ongoing Twitter war… the list could be continued. What is the common denominator of all these and many more news events and reports? And how does God look at this? And what does all of this tell us as to where we are in prophecy… and what will happen next?

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