America’s Fragile Economy–the Calm before the Storm!

We hear that America’s economy is booming. But how good is it really… or how fragile? This program discusses the real winners and losers in the US-China trade war as well as the US government’s astronomical debt and its budget deficit due to reckless spending, which bad example is followed by many American citizens.

Governmental Attacks on Jews and Christians in Europe

Anti-Semitism is increasing in Europe, and with it governmental attacks on Jews and minority Christians, including in countries where you might or might not expect it, such as Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria and Germany. This program gives you examples of blatant discrimination and persecution which will only get worse in the future.

Brexit Won – Now What?

The British people have voted for Great Britain’s exit from the EU. How exactly is this going to occur; how much time will expire; and could it be that Britain will form a Nordic Trading Bloc with certain other European nations, such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and others? What does the Bible say, and why is the Brexit of fundamental prophetic significance?

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Important World and Church News

In this special message, we are discussing relevant developments on the world scene in the light of biblical prophecy, including the migrant crisis in Europe; surprising facts about Donald Trump; Apple’s fight with the FBI; and deeply disturbing revelations regarding smart phones. We are also addressing the biblical concept of the footwashing ceremony during the annual Passover observance and explain why unbaptized persons should not participate in the same.


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