Will America Help Israel Against Iran?

As Joe Biden visits Israel, hopes are high that a close relationship between America and Israel against Iran will be established and maintained. Lip services are clearly given to this effect, but how reliable is this “unshakable commitment”? Radical differences in approach have already been revealed. When push comes to shove, will America or any other nation help Israel, or will Israel be left in the cold?

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The Man of Sin in the Temple of God

Jews will build a Third Temple on the Temple Mount, and this will cause unparalleled turmoil in the Middle East. Already today, Muslims are asked to “save” parts of the Temple Mount by building on the site, and Israel is charged with plans to build a synagogue and to open the “Gate of Mercy” on the eastern side of the Temple Mount. Expectations for the arrival of a red heifer in 2018 are high, which orthodox Jews maintain is necessary to purify the area and permit animal sacrifices and the building of a Temple. The world is already condemning Israel for its occupation of the West Bank, including Hebron, and it cannot rely on any help from the USA. Soon, European armies will occupy Israel, and the man of sin will sit in the Third Temple in Jerusalem, claiming to be God.

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Germany to Fill the Military Void?

We have told you for decades that the relationship between the USA and Europe under German leadership will become more and more fragile, and that a united Europe will step into the breach when the USA draws back, declines and collapses. Recent events and biblical prophecy prove the accuracy of our assertions. Are you AWARE as to what is happening before your very eyes?

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