Europe’s Threats Get Louder and Its Actions More Worrisome!

The EU is destined to become a most powerful political and even military bloc, and its most recent threats against other countries and its actions are becoming more and more frightening and worrisome. This program discusses Europe’s threats against the USA, the UK and prospective EU member states, as well as French and German military ambitions in view of the ongoing demise of NATO. Biblical prophecy IS marching on.

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Germany’s Dangerous Lead of Europe

Germany, France and Italy become more and more the leaders of Europe. Especially Germany’s lead is not good news for America and Britain, as well as some other European nations. We will present numerous examples of Germany’s hardening stance, broken promises and its zeal for a strong Europe. We also present some of John Bolton’s views which he shares with Donald Trump’s viewpoints regarding a militarization of Europe and a deteriorating relationship between the USA and Germany.

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Coming—US War with Iran?

The Huffington Post wrote on June 21: “The night we almost went to war.” What had happened and what will be the outcome? Many are afraid America will go to war with Iran in the near future, while hoping that it won’t happen, and some signs seem to indicate indeed an extremely uncertain and volatile situation. However, the Bible suggests a totally different scenario.

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