Should you get vaccinated against Coronavirus?

This must be your decision, based on your individual circumstances and conviction. But your decision should require proper investigation, inquiry and knowledge; it should be an informed decision and not just based on emotion. This program will discuss much of what has been reported about the vaccines and their morality, safety and side effects… and again, you must ascertain for yourself, as best as you can, as to whether those reports are factual or not.

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Lockdowns and Governmental Restrictions—Comments on News and Prophecy, August 22, 2020

While governmental restrictions are being imposed on American citizens, thereby causing economic hardship and ruin for many businesses and people, medical experts and governors kept enjoying their monthly paychecks.  But how dangerous is the pandemic? One professional magician claims that it is all an illusion. How is that “new reality” affecting your life and your personal choices? And how does it affect the Church of God and important decisions as they relate to Church services?

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Our Unrighteous School- and Education- Systems

What is the origin of our modern education- and school- systems?  Do they help us to understand the Truth? What does the Bible tell us about human wisdom, ethics and philosophy? What are some of the many wrong concepts which our children are being taught in school? What can parents do to counteract the oftentimes devastating influence which our children experience in school?

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The Dangerous Vaccination Paranoia

The fascination with mandatory vaccinations has reached unparalleled levels of paranoia in the USA, with incredibly dangerous and blatantly unconstitutional measures by fanatic governmental officials and doctors who are supported by a gullible and uneducated mass media. What are the real dangers of the vaccination hype for life, liberty and freedom; and are vaccinations really as harmless and effective as many uninformed reporters postulate?

Pentecost: How We Grow in God’s Knowledge

On the Day of Pentecost, God gave His Holy Spirit to His New Testament Church. It is God’s Spirit which leads us in all Truth and which declares to us the future, if we accept God’s involvement in our lives and act accordingly. In this sermon, we will give you many examples from recent Church history, showing HOW God lets His Knowledge grow in His disciples, which includes the courage of true Christians to free themselves from error, while believing and boldly and uncompromisingly declaring the doctrines of the Bible.

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Under Satan’s Rule

Terrorist attacks by crazy suicide bombers; the utter deterioration of the relationship between USA and Europe; Europe’s preparation to create a powerful army; violence in the Middle East; ongoing threats from North Korea; apparitions of the “Virgin Mary”; ridiculous laws; complete misrepresentations of the biblical truth; and many other developments show us Satan’s handiwork. The White House is viewed as one the most haunted homes in America, with leading politicians having been involved in séances or communications with ghosts. This is Satan’s world, and he is anxious to bring about the Great Tribulation.

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