Watch powerful Germany!

Some may think that Germany is currently not that powerful. They would be wrong. This program shows the tremendous German influence in matters such as Brexit and the transition period; military operations and the coming EU Army; and Europe’s hostile stance towards the USA and Israel. It also addresses a brand-new political scandal in Germany and the German Catholic bishops’ fight with Pope Francis. Bible prophecy is marching on.

The Whole World Is on Edge!

2015 was a “horrible and depressing year.” This program gives a short overview regarding terrible events in the world, the USA, Europe and the Middle East, and raises the pertinent question as to whether we can expect any better news in 2016. Most commentators and global powers are pessimistic, pointing out that the “whole world is on edge” and comparing it with a sick “patient.” They say that America’s “future course is far from settled,” and while Europe’s “aim must be a joint European army,” many Germans fear that Angela Merkel “is plunging the country into chaos.” Even lying demons are raising their voices about the future of the world, desiring to deceive gullible people. What DOES the future hold?

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WHY the Surprise Victory for David Cameron?

The polls indicated a completely different result, but David Cameron’s “smashing and unexpected outright victory in Britain’s general election” was no accident. Even though analysts try now to determine and “rationalize” the reasons for their wrong predictions, the most important factor for the decisive outcome has been overlooked. Could biblical prophecies have preordained it, and if so, what will be the consequences for the UK, the EU under German leadership, and the rest of the world?

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Why is Putin Winning?

Vladimir Putin is winning, but WHY? Does God tell us in the Bible? WHY do we see increased collaboration between Russia, China, Japan and India? WHY does Putin reassert itself in Afghanistan and Latin America? WHY do most Americans refuse to see the parallels between Putin’s annexation of Crimea and Hitler’s land grab of Sudetenland? WHY do German companies and many Germans express understanding or even support for Putin? WHY is Russia winning in the Middle East?

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