Coming Civil War in the USA?—Comments on News and Prophecy, July 11, 2020

Is it really possible that we are soon going to experience civil war in the USA? Could the black live matters movement, as well as governmental restrictions and alleged falsifications of Covid cases have anything to do with that? Are you willing to compromise when it comes to obeying God rather than men, and do you listen to those who tell you that you should blindly follow human leaders by violating God’s injunctions?

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Both Feet In

Since our calling to the truth, we have had a foot in the door.  To bring our other foot in was our choice to get baptized and to live God’s way of life.  Even though we still go through struggles, what do we need to do to keep both feet in, and what does God promise to all who remain faithful until the end?

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The Dark Side of Easter

Where did Easter come from? Many believe Easter celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but Easter existed long before Christ was even born. So what do Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, Easter cakes and Easter sunrise services have to do with Christ? Most historians agree that Easter was originally a pagan festival, but many overlook its really dark and sinister side. Does it matter to God whether or not you keep Easter?

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Should Christians Fight in War?

While some Christian authors claim that a Christian must not participate in the wars of this world, many feel the opposite. But who is right? Why are there no records of Christian soldiers prior to A.D. 170, and how did the concept of a righteous war develop? Were the early Paulicians and Waldenses correct when they rejected warfare, or when they later became warrior people? Was the Worldwide Church of God under Herbert Armstrong correct in refusing the participation in war, or is the current renamed group correct in endorsing warfare? Our free booklet, “Should You Fight in War?” gives you the answers.

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