This Week in the News

Dissolving Ukraine?

The Associated Press wrote on July 30:

“The US ambassador to the United Nations said Friday there should no longer be any doubt that Russia intends to dismantle Ukraine ‘and dissolve it from the world map entirely.’

“… Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov ‘has even stated that this is Russia’s war aim,’ she said. Lavrov told an Arab summit in Cairo on Sunday that Moscow’s overarching goal in Ukraine is to free its people from its ‘unacceptable regime.’ Apparently suggesting that Moscow’s war aims extend beyond Ukraine’s industrial Donbas region in the east comprising Donetsk and Luhansk, Lavrov said: ‘We will certainly help the Ukrainian people to get rid of the regime, which is absolutely anti-people and anti-historical.’

“Russia’s deputy UN ambassador Dmitry Polyansky told the Security Council on Friday that ‘The de-Nazification and demilitarization of Ukraine will be carried out in full.’”

There should be no doubt that Russia wants to bring Ukraine back into “Mother Russia’s” fold, and unification between Russia and Ukraine (the modern “Medes”) is indeed prophesied.

Italy’s Return to Fascism?

The Associated Press wrote on July 30:

“Italy’s president [Sergio Mattarella], marking the 100th anniversary of one of the attacks that helped bring dictator Benito Mussolini to power, on Thursday encouraged Italians to reinvigorate their country’s democracy as a bulwark against fascism.

“Italy’s fascist legacy faces increasingly closer scrutiny these days as the country holds an early parliamentary election on September 25. Opinion polls indicate the far-right Brothers of Italy, which has neo-fascist roots, would be the top vote-getter, with the party’s leader, Giorgia Meloni, eager to become premier. She has never disavowed her party’s fascist roots but has distanced it from Mussolini’s racial laws targeting Jews….

“After Italian Premier Mario Draghi’s wide-ranging coalition collapsed last week, Mattarella dissolved Parliament, triggering the early election. Sinking Draghi’s pandemic unity government were Salvini, Berlusconi and the populist 5-Star Movement, all refusing to back him in a confidence vote. Meloni was the only major leader to refuse to join Draghi’s pandemic unity government when it was formed in early 2021 after he was tapped by Mattarella. She argued that Italians should decide their leader in an election.

“When it appeared that Berlusconi and Salvini were waffling at the prospect of Meloni becoming the next premier — and the first woman to hold that office — she demanded the three of them huddle to confirm the alliance’s long-standing rule: whoever gets the most votes becomes its pick for the premiership.”

Italy, as well as other European nations, may very well return to their fascist roots under the umbrella of a “United States of Europe.”

America’s Suffering Military

Politico wrote on July 27:

“Lawmakers from both parties are putting increasing pressure on the Pentagon to fix the recruitment crisis that threatens to leave the military well short of its goals to bring new troops aboard this year, in what is widely considered the worst recruiting environment since the end of the Vietnam War…

“While leaders from the different military branches have all acknowledged the problem, they also have been unable to move the needle in a positive direction, as the desire of young Americans to join the military falls off the statistical cliff

“The Army has reached 66 percent of its goal for the fiscal year ending in September, and the Navy is at 89 percent… Even with rates of 100 percent for the Marine Corps, Air Force and Space Force, that leaves the department with a total rate of just 85 percent.”

America in decline and nearing total disaster will not have a powerful army to defend itself against foreign enemies.

Fox News Banning Trump

Newsmax wrote on July 30:

“The New York Times reported Friday that Fox News has not had Donald Trump on its network in over 100 days, which the paper said was part of a larger strategy to eliminate the former president as a major GOP player. Trump’s last appearance on Fox News came April 13 on ‘Hannity.’ But, The Times noted, even Trump has complained his longtime friend ‘doesn’t seem to be paying him much attention anymore.’ The paper said Trump believes Fox’s strategy of shunning him is an effort in ‘effectively displacing him’ from the news cycle and as de facto leader of the Republican Party.

“The decision to shun Trump has been made at ‘the highest levels’ of Fox’s parent company, and is backed by its billionaire chairman, Rupert Murdoch, and his son, company CEO Lachlan Murdoch. Both are Republicans, but are said to have developed a strong distaste for Trump. Earlier this month, the Murdoch-owned newspapers the New York Post and The Wall Street Journal published harsh rebukes of Trump’s actions regarding Jan. 6 while strongly opposing a Trump bid for president in 2024. The Times said Trump’s failure to accept the 2020 election result was at the root of the Murdochs’ criticism of the former president, a view shared by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

“Trump has not hidden his new distaste for Fox News… this week, Trump blasted ‘Fox & Friends’ on his Truth Social account for being ‘terrible’ and having ‘gone to the dark side.’ Trump suggested former House Speaker Paul Ryan’s sitting on Fox Corp.’s board of directors is behind the shadow banning of Trump.

“Meanwhile, The Times said Fox has sought to displace Trump with other GOP 2024 contenders, notably Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis. A recent report featured man-on-the-street interviews with Trump ‘supporters’ who did not want him to run again and ‘unanimously’ backed DeSantis for 2024. ‘I spent 11 years at Fox, and I know nothing pretaped hits a Fox screen that hasn’t been signed off on and sanctioned at the very top levels of management — especially when it has to do with a presidential election,’ Newsmax host Eric Bolling said in a monologue this week.

“Dick Morris, a former Fox News Analyst who is currently with Newsmax, said The Times’ report should not surprise anyone who has been watching Fox. ‘Lachlan Murdoch and the network’s leadership wants Fox to be more like CNN,’ Morris said. ‘The Fox ban of Trump is a politically motivated decision, not based on news value, because Trump completely dominates the Republican Party and is still the biggest newsmaker in politics,’ Morris added.

“Recent polls show Trump crushing all potential opponents in a Republican primary. A recent Harvard-Harris poll had Trump pulling 56% of the vote against a field of seven GOP rivals, including DeSantis with 16%. Morris… argues Trump will easily win the upcoming Republican primary, but is the only GOP candidate who can win against the Democrats in 2024.”

The influence of Trump critics in high positions at Fox and associated media outlets can hardly be denied—and Trump’s former “friends” stay quiet… perhaps, because they want to keep their jobs.

DNYUZ added on July 29:

“On July 22, as Mr. Trump was rallying supporters in Arizona and teasing the possibility of running for president in 2024saying ‘We may have to do it again,’ Fox News chose not to show the event — the same approach it has taken for nearly all of his rallies this year. Instead, the network aired Laura Ingraham’s interview with a possible rival for the 2024 Republican nomination, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. It was the first of two prime-time interviews Fox aired with Mr. DeSantis in the span of five days; he appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show shortly after talking to Ms. Ingraham.

“When Mr. Trump spoke to a gathering of conservatives in Washington this week, Fox did not air the speech live. It instead showed a few clips after he was done speaking. That same day, it did broadcast live — for 17 minutes — a speech by former Vice President Mike Pence….

“Referring to the congressional investigation into the Jan. 6 attack, the Fox anchor Bret Baier said it had made Mr. Trump ‘look horrific’ by detailing how it had taken 187 minutes for him to be persuaded to say anything publicly about the riot… Viewers in recent weeks have seen occasionally critical coverage of Mr. Trump, but, unlike other news networks, Fox has chosen to air its own prime-time programming rather than the hearings of the committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack… Mr. Carlson, Mr. Hannity and Ms. Ingraham dismiss the hearings as a ‘show trial.’”

But if Trump becomes the Republican nominee, then we can expect Fox News and its main moderators to be Trump’s friends again. Oh what hypocrisy!

Tunisian Constitution Calls for Palestinian State With Jerusalem as Capital

Israel 365 wrote on July 29:

“A new constitution was passed by a referendum in Tunisia on Tuesday, expressing support for a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem.

“‘We defend the legitimate rights of the peoples who, according to this legitimacy, have the right to decide their own destiny, the first of which is the right of the Palestinian people to their stolen land and the establishment of their state over it after its liberation, with Al-Quds Al-Sharif [Jerusalem] as its capital,’ read the preamble of the new constitution.”

Antisemitism and anti-Zionism are growing once again.

Europe and Libya

Politico wrote on July 27:

“Since February, the eyes of the world have been firmly fixed on the horrors unfolding in Ukraine. But while Europe’s attention has been consumed by the crisis on its eastern flank, the trouble burgeoning on its southern one in Libya has been largely ignored.  As escalating political tensions and recent outbreaks of violence now threaten to hurl the country back into civil war again, and the consequence will impact Europe and the wider international community…

“Africa’s most oil-rich nation finds itself in a state of total dysfunction and could be accurately described as a failed state. Since the civil war, which ended in 2020, it has effectively been split between an internationally recognized government based in Tripoli and the Russia-aligned Libyan National Army controlling the country’s east, and violence has been ongoing…

“Europe and Libya share the Mediterranean Sea: Alexander the Great, the Greeks, Romans and even the Normans have all exchanged goods, culture and ideas with Libya. But this proximity has also meant the country’s troubles often wash up on European shores… And as Europe finds itself in need of alternative energy sources — while it tries to cut itself off from Russian fossil fuels — Libya is the bloc’s closest alternative supply source… However, Libya’s enduring instability makes its supply largely inaccessible, as the vast majority of its reserves are under the control of the Libyan National Army…

“Currently, Libya has enough cash in its central bank to last several years, tens of billions of dollars in foreign investments, plus there’s all the oil — despite all the chaos, Libya is still able to produce over a million barrels of oil per day for export. But what the country doesn’t have is experience in building a functional state — this is where the international community comes in.

“Today, Libya is overflowing with arms, many of which are relics from the Gaddafi era… If a major global power or international body could eliminate these supply lines, Libya’s warring factions would soon run out of ammunition and have little choice but to work toward a peaceful solution for the country…”

A global power from Europe will invade Libya in due time, as Daniel 11:43 prophesies. The production and receipt of oil may be a major factor.

Pope Participates in Pagan Ritual of Sacred Circle of Spirits

Life Site News reported on July 28:

“Speaking in the presence of pro-abortion Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Pope Francis criticized the ‘ideological colonizations’ which target ‘the unborn,’ and defended the Church’s role in protecting life from ‘conception to natural death.’… Following a pagan ‘smudging’ ritual, which called on ‘the sacred circle of spirits,’ Francis delivered an address in which he lamented a ‘colonizing mentality,’ and spoke of a need for the Catholic Church to ‘promote indigenous cultures.’…

“Justin Trudeau had issued yet another fiery attack against the Catholic Church for ‘its role’ in the ‘spiritual abuse, cultural abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse of Indigenous children in Church run residential schools.’ However, Francis appeared to somewhat rebuff Trudeau’s criticism… highlighting the Church’s ‘service’ of life at ‘every stage, from conception to natural death.’…

“The Pope’s comments gained a particular significance given those he was addressing. Following the U.S. Supreme Court leak pre-empting the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Trudeau publicly voiced  his support for the killing of the unborn on demand. ‘The right to choose is a woman’s right and a woman’s right alone,’ he tweeted. Indeed, the self-professed Catholic has regularly professed his support for abortion…

“However, Pope Francis has a peculiar record with regards to abortion… his actions have undermined any vocal opposition to abortion which he makes. The Pope has repeatedly sided with the United Nations (UN) and its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which is heavily pro-abortion… In recent weeks he authorized and defended the Vatican’s joining of the Paris Climate Agreement, despite its pro-abortion tenets. Francis has also ignored Catholic teaching regarding Holy Communion for pro-abortion politicians on a number of occasions…”

Life Site News wrote on a related article on July 30:

“Popular Catholic commentators have been reacting with shock and outrage to video footage of Pope Francis and prominent cardinals partaking in a ‘smudging’ ritual invoking a ‘sacred circle of spirits’ that went ‘viral’ on social media earlier this week…

“Catholic author and exorcist scholar Charles D. Fraune [wrote:] ‘Francis is literally participating in summoning demons. This is so wrong….’ ‘Give us access to the sacred circle of spirits so they can be with us,’ Lord, have mercy!’ added Fraune, quoting words said by one of the leaders of the ceremony…

“… the ritual is not merely a cultural act but a religious act of ‘superstition,’ reminiscent of… Pope Francis’ veneration of the pagan pachamama idol at the Vatican in 2019.”

The inclusion of many pagan rites in Roman Catholicism and communication with demons by some prior Popes is well-documented. Please read especially chapter 10 of our free booklet, “The Ten European Revivals of the Ancient Roman Empire.” 

Hungarian Prime Minister’s Controversial Remarks

Reuters reported on July 29:

“Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stuck to his anti-immigration stance Thursday but insisted it was not rooted in racism after his recent remarks that Hungarians did not want to become ‘peoples of mixed race’ drew fire at home and abroad… his comments in Romania on Saturday, when he said that in contrast to Western Europe’s ‘mixed-race world’ where people mixed with arriving non-Europeans, Hungary was not a mixed race country — hit a nerve, drawing condemnation from the United States, the European Union, Jewish groups and academics…

“European Commission vice president Frans Timmermans said on Twitter ‘poisonous’ racism had no place in Europe that drew its strength from diversity… Budapest’s chief rabbi Zoltan Radnoti told Reuters any communication ‘talking about races, pure races, and mixing of races’ was unacceptable.”

Deutsche Welle wrote on July 27:

“Hungarian Chief Rabbi Robert Frölich said there was ‘only one species on earth that walks on two legs, works, speaks and occasionally thinks: Homo sapiens — that is a single and indivisible race.’”

msn added on July 30:

“The concept used by the National Socialists, among others, that there are different human races is scientifically untenable and part of racist worldviews.”

JTA wrote on July 30:

[Subsequent to his speech] Orban wrote: ‘You can’t be serious about accusing me of racism after 20 years of working together. You know that, according to my understanding, God created all people in his own image. Therefore, in the case of people like me, racism is excluded from the get-go.’

“In his statement about Orban’s speech, Koeves, [an] Orthodox rabbi, said… it may be appropriate to lament ‘the loss of space in Western Judeo-Christian culture…’ But, he added, ‘one of the fundamental values of Judeo-Christian civilization is that God created every human being in his own image. For this reason alone, it is particularly unfortunate to speak of races.’”

To describe all human beings as the human race is correct. But to say that there are no human races is ludicrous. The Bible speaks of three human races, the black, the yellow and the white race. And to equate this correct biblical understanding with racism is ridiculous, ignorant and deeply offensive. For more information on the origin and existence of races, as well as the concept of interracial marriages, please read our free booklet, “God’s Teachings on Sexual Relationships,” chapter 9, pages 57-66.

Brand-New Conditions After COVID Shots?

WND wrote on July 31:

“Stories abound of healthy people, including athletes, suddenly dying or suffering severe illness without explanation. Many who have posted links to the reports on social media have suggested a possible relationship to the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. When four practicing physicians in the greater Toronto area died unexpectedly in the past two weeks, their hospitals made a point of insisting their deaths were not related to the vaccines. A fifth area physician, just 27 years old, died Thursday after collapsing during a triathlon.

“Now, national survey by Zogby Strategies has found 17% of adults who received at least two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine say they were diagnosed with a new condition within weeks to several months after getting the shot. The figure was 15% for those who had received at least one shot. The respondents also were asked if someone they personally knew had been diagnosed with a new medical condition within the same time frame. Overall, 26% reported yes, while 63% reported no.

“Significantly, 34% of those ages 18-29 say they know someone who was diagnosed, as did 30% of those ages 30-49, 21% of those ages 50-64, and 18% of those older than 65. Among those who were medically diagnosed with a new condition, the top conditions were blood clots (21%), heart attack (19%), liver damage (18%), leg or lung clots (17%), and stroke (15%).

“The survey was commissioned by Children’s Health Defense, the organization founded by Robert Kennedy Jr. that says it’s mission is ‘to end the childhood health epidemics by working to expose causes, eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, seek justice for those injured, and establish safeguards to prevent future harm.’ The survey of 1,038 adults found 67% received one or more COVID-19 vaccines and 33% were unvaccinated. Among the vaccinated, 6% received one dose, 28% two doses, 21% three doses and 12% took four or more.

“Laura Bono, the executive director of CHD, noted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports more than 232 million Americans ages 18-65 have taken at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. She said the result is ‘concerning and needs further study.’… The survey found 58% said it was a good decision to get the vaccine, 28% were neutral and 14% regretted it.”

To get or not to get vaccinated is an individual decision, and based on individual circumstances, a person may have no reasonable choice other than getting vaccinated. In such a case, the person and his or her loved ones should pray to God that He will protect the person and not allow him or her to get sick with serious side effects from the COVID shot.

New COVID Rules

The Washington Post wrote on August 2:

France became the latest country in Europe to get rid of pandemic-era entry restrictions for visitors. As of Monday, tourists going to France no longer need to provide proof of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test… Earlier this summer, the country required travelers to be vaccinated, or show proof of recovery or a recent negative test. ‘France reserves the right to reimpose entry restrictions if the health situation requires it,’ the [US] embassy [in France] says on its website… Travelers don’t have to offer health information in advance of arriving in France or test upon arrival.

“Destinations including Italy, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Germany have all dropped their covid-era entry rules. The United States still requires foreign nationals to show proof of vaccination before flying to the country, crossing a border by land or arriving by ferry. Travelers flying into the U.S. no longer need to show a negative test, as of mid-June.”

ABC News wrote on August 3:

“The German government on Wednesday said basic coronavirus  requirements would remain in place during the coming fall and winter… Face masks and presenting proof of a negative coronavirus test will be mandatory from October until early April at hospitals, nursing homes and similar institutions with vulnerable people. Passengers on airplanes and making long-distance trips by train and bus also will have to wear masks during that period, as they do now…

“However, Germany’s 16 states have the authority to adopt their own rules depending on how severely the virus affects their areas. State governments could decide to require masks on local public transportation in schools for students in fifth grade and up, and at public indoor events.

“Community facilities such as schools, prisons or asylum-seeker shelters may implement regular testing again… The government also plans a fall vaccination campaign.”

Germany’s left-wing health minister Lauterbach is known for his radical preference for vaccination mandates.

Discrimination Against Clergy Because of COVID

WND wrote on July 31:

“A state judge in Wisconsin has ruled that the Department of Corrections broke the law when it decided to give lawyers and bureaucrats and even reporters and dog trainers access to inmates during COVID, but refused to provide any procedure for clergy to visit

“For 450 days, Catholic clergy were forbidden from fulfilling their religious duty to meet in-person with inmates at Wisconsin’s correctional institutions; they could not administer sacraments or even meet in-person to provide counseling. At the same time, however, WIDOC granted in-person access to a host of other individuals ranging from lawyers to law enforcement to teachers to dog trainers…

“The court’s ruling means that corrections department had to cancel the restrictive policy and is not allowed to renew it in the future. The judge noted that the state agency ‘simply “shut off” clergy access completely for over 450 days…’”

Dr. Fauci’s Disinformation

WND wrote on August 1:

“Dr. Anthony Fauci complained on Monday that his effort to get people to adopt the government’s COVID-19 health measures has been hampered by ‘misinformation and disinformation.’ But it’s Fauci who, in his defense of masking, lockdowns and vaccines, has spread information that has turned out not to be true, sometimes with life-altering and even deadly consequences

“Fauci insisted in July that he did not recommend locking down the nation. But in October 2020, he explicitly said, ‘I recommended to the president that we shut the country down.’.. As of July 22, VAERS contained 29,790 reports of COVID-19 vaccine-related deaths among a total of more than 1.3 million adverse events.

“Last Friday, the nation’s first class action lawsuit for health care workers over a COVID shot mandate was settled for more than $10.3 million. The settlement against NorthShore University HealthSystem was on behalf of more than 500 current and former health care workers who were denied religious exemptions from the COVID shot mandate.”

Fauci and Biden also insisted that you cannot get sick if you are fully vaccinated. But both got sick, even though they were fully vaccinated… Biden even twice so far. Fauci’s coworker Dr. Birx even admitted that they knew that the vaccines did not prevent infection. Fauci also downplayed natural immunity in his push to get vaccinated…even though he should and might have known better. And while he is now once again pushing for the wearing of masks, he said there is no reason to be walking around with a mask in the middle of an outbreak, while admitting that the wearing of masks could have negative consequences in some cases. It should be clear that Fauci’s declarations and his judgment cannot be trusted.

Kansas Voters for Abortion

Deutsche Welle reported on August 3:

“Voters in the US state of Kansas [with a high proportion of Republican voters in the state which is run by Democratic governor Laura Kelly] overwhelmingly backed protections for abortion rights on Tuesday, rejecting an amendment to the state’s constitution. It was the first major ballot on abortion since the US Supreme Court [overturned Roe v Wade]  in June…

“The right to abortion is protected in the Kansas constitution. Tuesday’s vote asked whether this should be removed and the responsibility on the issue returned to the control of politicians in the state… The referendum in Kansas was being monitored closely as a test case for abortion rights nationwide…

“The states of California and Kentucky are scheduled to vote on the issue in November…  As it stands, abortion in Kansas is legal and the procedure may take place up to 22 weeks. The law is based on the assertion that a fetus can feel pain after that point….”

Even Republican voters support abortion. This country is going downhill so fast…

Did the FBI Swing the 2020 Election?

The Ron Paul Institute published on August 3 the following article by James Bovard from the Future of Freedom Foundation:

“Joe Biden won the 2020 election as a result of 43,000 votes in three states. The election was far closer than the media has usually admitted. There were plenty of dubious factors that could have tipped the scales for a Biden victory, including machinations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation… the bureau has long history of intervening in presidential elections…

“In 1964, the FBI illegally wiretapped Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater’s presidential headquarters and plane and conducted background checks on his campaign staff for evidence of homosexual activity. The FBI also conducted an extensive surveillance operation at the 1964 Democratic National Convention to prevent embarrassing challenges to President Lyndon Johnson.

“In 2016, the FBI whitewashed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, protecting her despite her various crimes regarding handling of classified information and destruction of emails and other evidence from her time as secretary of state. An Inspector General report revealed in 2018 that the key FBI agents in the investigations were raving partisans… The FBI failed to make any audio or video recordings of its interviews with Clinton aides and staffers…

“The FBI failed to stop Trump from winning in 2016, but FBI officials devoted themselves to crippling his presidency with fabricated evidence implying that Russia had illicitly intervened in the presidential election. One top FBI lawyer was convicted for falsifying evidence to secure a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to target Trump campaign officials. FBI chief James Comey leaked official memos to friendly reporters, thereby spurring the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Trump. Mueller’s investigation generated endless allegations and controversies and helped Democrats capture control of the House of Representatives in 2018 prior to admitting in 2019 that there was no such Russian conspiracy. Not one FBI official has spent a single day in jail for the abuses

“In December 2019, FBI agents came into possession of a laptop that Hunter Biden had abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop. That laptop was a treasure trove of crimes, including evidence that Hunter and other Bidens had collected millions in payments from foreign sources for providing access in Washington and other favors. That laptop provided ample documentation that Joe Biden could be compromised by foreign powers. When news finally leaked out about the laptop in October 2020, 50 former intelligence officials effectively torpedoed the story by claiming that the laptop was a Russian disinformation ploy. The FBI knew that the laptop was bona fide but said nothing to undercut the falsehoods by the former spooks. The Justice Department commenced an investigation of Hunter Biden in 2019, but Attorney General William Barr made sure that information did not surface publicly before the 2020 election. (The investigation is ongoing.)

“The FBI’s most brazen intervention in the 2020 election consisted of fabricating a ludicrous plot to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, one of Biden’s favorite governors. Michigan was a swing state in the election. Whitmer enraged many Michiganders by placing the entire state under house arrest after the outbreak of COVID-19. Anyone who left their home to visit family or friends risked a $1,000 fine, and business owners faced three years in prison for refusing to close their stores. Unemployment soared to 24 percent statewide…  The FBI exploited the anger against Whitmer to try to add some scalps to their collection. A few weeks before the 2020 election, the FBI announced the arrests of individuals who had been lured by FBI informants and undercover agents to talk about capturing Whitmer and putting her on trial. After the arrests were announced, Whitmer speedily denounced Trump for inciting ‘domestic terrorism’…  Joe Biden claimed that the arrests showed President Trump’s ‘tolerance of hate, vengeance, and lawlessness to plots such as this one.’

“… There was plenty of reason to doubt the plot from the start… A Michigan jury in April effectively concluded that the plotters had been entrapped in an FBI-fabricated plot… Almost 100 years ago, the American Civil Liberties Union warned that the FBI had become ‘a secret police system of a political character.’ Neither Congress nor federal courts have since effectively reined in the most powerful domestic federal agency. What mischief will the FBI commit to influence future elections? And what are the odds that Americans will know about it before the polling booths close?”

That is another nail in the coffin of political corruption.

Bin Laden’s Successor Killed in Afghanistan

Breitbart wrote on August 1:

“President Joe Biden…announce[d] Monday that the U.S. has killed Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri…

“Al-Zawahiri was apparently killed by a CIA drone in Afghanistan. Biden, suffering low approval ratings, is expected to benefit from the news, especially as the one-year anniversary of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan draws nearer…  Al-Zawahiri took over Al Qaeda after U.S. forces eliminated Osama bin Laden in 2011. He was one of the most elusive terror figures in the world, and U.S. intelligence hunted in vain for him for many years until he was ultimately found and killed.”

Deutsche Welle added on August 2:

“The latest strike is likely to complicate Washington’s already strained relations with the Taliban… US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the Taliban ‘grossly’ violated the 2020 Doha Agreement — which led to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan — by sheltering al-Qaida’s chief… In a statement, the Taliban government condemned the US strike, saying it constituted ‘a clear violation of international principles and the Doha Agreement.’ …

“The Egyptian surgeon was identified as one of the masterminds of the September 11, 2001, attacks on the US that killed nearly 3,000 people… As a teenager, he joined the banned Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood. He was among hundreds arrested and accused of involvement in the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981. Although he was cleared of the charge, he spent three years in an Egyptian prison on charges of weapons possession — an experience that is said to have further radicalized him.

“He traveled to Afghanistan after his release, where he got to know bin Laden and participated in the battle against Soviet troops. Al-Zawahiri is believed to have forged a strong bond with bin Laden in the late 1980s when he treated the latter in the caves of Afghanistan amid Soviet bombardment. He rose to become second-in-command of al-Qaida in 1998.  Since the killing of bin Laden by US forces in 2011, al-Zawahiri topped the list of most-wanted fugitives by the FBI, with a $25 million (€24.3 million) bounty on his head.”

Biden’s Monumental Failure

Piers Morgan wrote on August 2 in an article published by the New York Post:

“… after Biden’s disastrous overnight withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer, betraying the people there — including allies — to the Taliban wolves, the president assured us that al Qaeda was ‘gone’ from the country… al Qaeda’s No. 1 terrorist swiftly moved into Kabul with his family… Zawahiri would [not] have done this without the knowledge and explicit support of Taliban chiefs… the leader of al Qaeda was actively plotting further terror attacks from inside Kabul, and the Taliban knew it. Of course, this makes an absolute mockery of Biden’s claim that al Qaeda was ‘gone’ from Afghanistan.

“But if the Taliban allowed Zawahiri to do this, how many more al Qaeda operatives are back in Afghanistan right now, also planning to murder Americans and their allies? The whole point of the 20-year war that followed 9/11 was precisely to stop al Qaeda using Afghanistan as a base to plan more such attacks…. All hopes of a new, reformed, different, ‘nicer, wiser’ Taliban were as bogus as many of us feared at the time… Both hate America and everything it stands for, and given the chance, will kill as many Americans as they can.

“The fact that Zawahiri was able to plan new attacks from Kabul tells you all you need to know about the real damage caused by Biden’s appalling abandonment of Afghanistan…. let’s be under no illusion: The fact the world’s most wanted man was back in the heart of Afghanistan, devising new ways to kill Americans, is a monumental failure. And the buck for that failure stops with you, Joe Biden, the man who waved the white flag a year ago and has now exposed the US to a potential whole new world of pain and bloodshed at the hands of the very same terrorists who brought down the Twin Towers in 2001.”

Yes, terrible times are awaiting this country due to the utmost incompetence of its leadership.

Pelosi in Taiwan, Defies Biden and China

Breitbart wrote on August 2:

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) landed in Taipei, Taiwan, late Tuesday evening local time in defiance of the Biden administration’s and China’s warnings not to go.

“The trip marks the first time in 25 years that a U.S. official of her level visited Taiwan. The previous visit was in 1997 by then-Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich (GA)…. ‘Our Congressional delegation’s visit to Taiwan honors America’s unwavering commitment to supporting Taiwan’s vibrant Democracy,’ Pelosi said in a statement…

The Biden administration opposed her trip out of fear it would further destabilize the U.S. relationship with China at a time when the U.S. is suffering from high prices of goods, supply-chain disruptions, and pursuing a green energy agenda, all of which the administration hopes it can work with China on as midterm elections loom….

“The trip sparked fury from Beijing, which warned of consequences. Chinese propagandist Hu Xijin threatened that China could shoot down her plane in a tweet, which he later deleted after Twitter locked his account. The Taiwan president’s website was reportedly under a cyber-attack earlier Tuesday.

“Republicans urged Pelosi to take the trip and not back down to Biden or allow Beijing to veto the travel of American officials.”

The New York Post added on August 2:

“President Biden said July 20 that the US military believed a Pelosi trip to Taiwan was ‘not a good idea now.’ However, members of Congress responded by rallying behind the speaker — including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who said Pelosi would hand China ‘a victory of sorts’ if she canceled. Beijing had repeatedly made clear that it would view a visit by Pelosi as an endorsement of Taiwan’s independence and China’s Foreign Ministry said Monday that its military would ‘not sit idly by’ if the speaker went ahead with the trip.”

Deutsche Welle wrote on August 2:

“Shortly ahead of Pelosi’s arrival, Beijing’s state media reported that Chinese fighter jets had crossed the Taiwan Strait, which separates mainland China and Taiwan… Foreign Minister Wang Yi said US politicians who ‘play with fire’ on the Taiwan issue will ‘come to no good end…’ China said its military had been put on high alert and would launch ‘targeted military operations.’… Chinese President Xi Jinping has made ‘reunification’ with Taiwan a key objective, and has not ruled out the possible use of force to achieve this… the US… provides considerable political and military support to Taiwan while stopping short of formal diplomatic relations.”

The situation involving China and Taiwan seems to mirror the situation regarding Russia and Ukraine. The USA has made no commitment to send troops to Taiwan in case of a Chinese occupation, but it has said it would send weapons to Taiwan to defend themselves.

Pelosi Left Taiwan

Thomson/Reuters wrote on August 3:

“U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi left Taiwan on Wednesday after pledging solidarity and hailing its democracy, leaving a trail of Chinese anger over her brief visit to the self-ruled island that Beijing claims as its own. China demonstrated its outrage over the highest-level U.S. visit to the island in 25 years with a burst of military activity in surrounding waters, summoning the U.S. ambassador in Beijing and halting several agricultural imports from Taiwan

“Fury on the mainland over the 82-year-old Democrat’s defiance of Beijing was evident all over Chinese social media…”

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