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According to some news reports, Donald Trump allegedly decided to choose controversial Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate. However, in an interview with Fox News on July 14, Trump stated that he had NOT made a “final final” decision. Conservatives have criticized Pence for “flip-flopping on gay marriage and being soft on immigration,” according to Trump supporter Ann Coulter. Pence had also strongly disagreed with Trump on his plan to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the USA.

Trump had planned to announce his decision Friday morning, but tweeted: “In light of the horrible attack in Nice, France, I have postponed tomorrow’s news conference concerning my Vice Presidential announcement.” 

The Daily Mail reported on July 14 about the attack in France: “At least [77] people are dead and more than 150 injured after they were mown down by a truck in a suspected terror attack during the Bastille Day celebrations in the French city of Nice. Eyewitnesses say there was an exchange of gunfire in the aftermath of the incident… ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, according to unconfirmed reports in the French media. The gunman jumped out of the truck after ploughing through the pedestrians and began opening fire, witnesses said. Officials said the driver was shot dead near the scene.”

In this issue, we begin with the insane murders of police officers in Dallas; the “Black Lives Matter” movement and the regrettable comments by politicians; and we focus again on the Hillary Clinton email scandal, as more information has come to light. We also report on Donald Trump’s perceived isolation in the world, if he was to become President.

We continue with rapid developments in Britain, including David Cameron’s resignation and Theresa May’s inauguration as the new Prime Minister; focus on the British pound’s decrease in value; and speak on the desire of Europeans to create a core Europe and on European anger with the UK.  

We point out Mr. Hollande’s naïve stance on Russia; Vladimir Putin’s scandalous persecution of religious minorities in Russia; and Poland’s accusations against Ukraine. In this regard, you might want to view our new StandingWatch program, Russia’s Persecution of Minority Christians.” We predict that Vladimir Putin’s die-hard supporters won’t like the program and its German version, “Empörende Christenverfolgung in Russland.” 

We also focus on the resignation of Austria’s chancellor; Germany’s frightening anti-Semitism; and Iran’s ongoing goal to annihilate Israel.

We conclude with interesting findings of a sizable Philistine cemetery; and the phenomenon of the formations of unions and power blocs around the world.

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