This Week in the News

In our lead segment, we are reporting on the death of Senator Edward Kennedy. Whether considered to be a friend or a foe, his death ends a legacy of about 50 years, and his decisive and influential role in politics will leave a void that may change considerably Washington’s future and dealing with other countries, such as Israel.  

Next, we take note of the ever-growing controversy pertaining to Scotland’s release of a convicted terrorist and mass murderer, after it was revealed that Gordon Brown and Muammar Gaddafi had struck a deal ahead of time. But while Brown wanted the release to be kept low key, Gaddafi used the occasion for a festive celebration. This matter has extremely angered the United States and might have severe economic repercussions on US-British relationships.

For the fourth time, Germany’s Angela Merkel has been judged as the world’s most powerful woman–whereas US Secretary of State Clinton was not perceived to belong to the leading group. And Merkel is willing to exert her role–as shown in her meeting with Israel’s Netanyahu. In view of upcoming elections, radical Islamists have attacked Germany over the Internet in an unprecedented scope, and the German government is taking threats of a “Holy War” against the country quite seriously.

While some are expecting the rise of a future “king of the south” in all the wrong places, history and the Bible show that IF there is still a king of the south to manifest himself on the world scene (compare Daniel 11:40), he will reveal himself in Ethiopia. The report on comments by Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and the push of African leaders from the capital of Ethiopia–the African Union Headquarters (!)–for an insane amount of money linked to global warming is quite interesting in that regard.

Turning to social issues in the USA, we are publishing reports which show the total lack of sound biblical understanding, including the permission of the Lutheran Church to allow practicing homosexuals within their clergy; a campaign for unprecedented massive “voluntary” and incredibly costly swine flu vaccinations (without a full comprehension as to how to administer those vaccinations and their potential dangerous side effects); a recommendation for circumcision to enable people to continue engaging in illicit sex; and scientists’ attempts to “prove” the improvable concept of the fairy tale of evolution.

A thought-provoking article about the West’s “culture of death” discusses, among others, the concepts of “just war,” abortion and suicide. All of these concepts are wrong in God’s eyes. God never intended that man should fight in war–or take human life through abortion or suicide. Instead, He had intended to use hornets to drive out Israel’s enemies. An article about hornets in France shows how powerful such a “weapon” could be. For more information on this vital, but largely misunderstood topic, please read our free booklet, “Should You Fight in War?”

We end with a continuation of reports on the terrible economic situation in the USA, with more banks failing and the FDIC’s insurance fund shrinking to historically low levels, leaving the government with few and limited options, including that of increasing its national debt and printing more and more money (causing a deflation of the dollar); raising taxes (even though President Obama had promised not to do that) or cutting entitlements to US citizens, including social security or Medicare payments.

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