This Week in the News

As events are developing in Europe towards the power bloc’s prophesied ultimate climax, more and more voices are being heard demanding a separation of Great Britain from the EU. The Telegraph even claims that Britain is already under the yoke of Brussels, and that it must free itself from its slavery to the EU.

At the same time, the Eurozone is rejecting any economic “advice” given from the Obama Administration, and especially Germany is openly defiant to any US opposition or concerns, operating from a position of strength as the most stable and prosperous economic country in Europe. In light of this week’s plunge of the Dow Jones industrial average, we hear of increased fears of a worldwide recession, perceived to be caused to a large degree by the USA and Europe. In addition, we are also observing that many Germans are not happy with their current government, and it will remain to be seen how long Angela Merkel can continue to run the country successfully.

We are addressing the pope’s visit in Germany and the desire of Angela Merkel to focus on unified Christianity, rather than the extremely unpopular conservative stance of the Vatican. We speak of the events in New York pertaining to the UN General Assembly meetings, and we conclude with reporting on a setback for any hope that we might see peace any time soon in Afghanistan, and the terrible memory of some who have killed in war–a memory, which cannot be easily erased.

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