This Week in the News

We begin with reporting on the real threat of worldwide pandemics; continue with European articles about “absurd” American politics; and speak about Britain’s frustration with the European Court of Human Rights and unbiblical “smacking laws” in Britain and elsewhere in Europe.

We focus on events in and pertaining to Germany and Europe, and report on Germany’s and China’s involvement in Africa, with special emphasis on Ethiopia.

Turning to the Middle East, we report on Germany’s activities in that part of the world; as well as the increasing Iranian threat to world peace, stemming to a large extent from a radical and fundamentalist belief in the return of the Mahdi; speaking of Turkey’s dubious role in the region; show that “liberated” Iraq is another powder keg; and so is Syria; and we conclude with an article questioning the kind of “democracy” which “liberated” Egypt is embracing.

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