This Week in the News

We report on the beginning of Egypt’s expected descent into dictatorship and rule by Islamists and continue with articles on Iran’s activities and the fragile and merely temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

We relate Iraq’s refusal to heed to American pleas and address the resignation of Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, which increases the likelihood of an Israeli attack on Iran, according to some commentators.

We speak of the unfriendly relationship between Israel and the German people; report on the abominable practice of bestiality in Germany and the rest of Europe; speak of more Christmas lies, and discuss the history and present status of Germany’s current capital, Berlin.

While the prospects of Greek bankruptcy have been averted, the British people would love to exit the EU. We also report on terrible weather conditions on the island.

In other news, we address frightening scientific developments pertaining to autonomous weapons and address the health risks of smoking and second-hand smoke.

We reveal amazing parallels between Thanksgiving Day and the ancient Israelites; speak of America’s disastrous economic situation and report on blasphemous comments during a televised American award show. We contrast this with a moving declaration of repentance from Uganda’s President and show, on the other hand, the terrible conditions within our so-called Christian churches.

We conclude with an article about the Pope’s appointment of additional cardinals with the view to the election of a successor. We briefly discuss unbiblical and dangerous voting practices, including in the political realm, which have taken hold of many Church of God members, showing another tendency of the ongoing apostasy in the Body of Christ. Please re-read Norbert Link’s Editorial in the last Update, No. 565, titled, “Beware of Apostasy in God’s Church.”

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