Update 23


Bible Study & Sabbath Services


There will be a Bible Study the evening of December 28th.  Norbert Link will be speaking on the Christian family, and the respective responsibilities and challenges of Parents and Children.  Starting time will be 7:30 PM in San Diego which is 9:30 PM CT.  To listen to the NetServices Bible Study, click on www.cognetservices.org.
Edwin Pope is scheduled to speak this Sabbath. Mr. Pope came down with the flu and requests your prayers for his speedy recovery, so that he can deliver the sermon.

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According to Ulrich Delius, a German correspondent, the current India – Pakistan conflict is one of the most dangerous trouble spots in the world, with the potential of escalation into a nuclear World War. His interview, given on December 25, has been placed, in the German language, on the news station “Deutsche Welle,” at dw_world.de/dwelle

Beginning January 1, the Euro will replace the national currencies of the 12 European member nations. Great Britain, Sweden and Denmark decided against using the Euro as their currency.

According to a report on CNN, the European Union and the Palestinian Authority signed an agreement guaranteeing the PA/PLO 30 million euros a month, over the next three months, to help finance its operating costs. Israel charged that EU funds are being used to finance PLO attacks against the Jewish state.

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