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Live ServicesJanuary 11th & 12th

January 11th & 12th


There will be a Friday evening Bible Study, January 11th.  Warren Zehrung will be speaking on the subject, “What is the Spirit in Man.”  Starting time will be 7:30 P.M. Central time.  To tune into the NetServices Bible Study, click on www.cognetservices.org, or go to www.eternalgod.org and click on NetServices and Connect to Live Stream.

The Sabbath Sermon on NetServices, January 12th, will be brought by Dave Harris from Colorado.  To tune into the Sermon, go to www.cognetservices.org at 2:30 p.m. CT, or go to www.eternalgod.org and click on NetServices and Connect to Live Stream.

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The German daily newspaper, “Bild,” asked on January 8 in an article,  “Who is going to be the next target of the United States in their fight against terrorism?”  They stated, “The battle against terrorism:  After Afghanistan, are Somalia, Yemen and the Philippines next?  The United States could concentrate in the next phase of their battle against terrorism on those countries.  Vice-Defense Minister, Paul Wolfowitz, pointed out in an interview with the “New York Times,” that he does not rule out military action against extremists in those three countries.

The US Ministry of Defense collaborates with friendly countries such as the Philippines that support the war against terrorism. “Iraq, too, remains within the focus of the United States,” said Wolfowitz… He continued to point out that Somalia attracts terrorists like a magnet, and both Somalia and Yemen are not capable of fighting terrorists on their own.”

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